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Coming In 2009

In the second and final part of his look at the possible motoring year ahead, Brent Davison covers the field from Jaguar to Volvo.

Martyrdom Covers A Multitude Of Sins, None Revolutionary

IN A SIGN of the changing times here, China is set to drop the term "revolutionary" from the title "Revolutionary Martyrs", until now the highest available honour for those who die for the heroic cause of communism.

Fighting To Avoid Exile On Main Street

IT'S not often in this security-obsessed era that a president climbs onto the back of a pick-up truck in main street to deliver a stump speech. But when former president Bill Clinton arrived in Victoria to find the art-deco theatre packed and nearly 1000 queuing outside, he ordered his more

A Little Love, A Little Regret

Whether exposing a culture in all its raw nakedness or examining the foibles of the human condition, there is a genre that covers all but that doesn't necessarily do it well, writes Craig Sherborne. The New Granta Book of the American Short Story Edited by Richard Ford Granta Books, $35 more

Adding Fuel To The Fire

FOR the truckdrivers who blockaded the Pacific Highway last week, rising fuel prices were merely the last straw. As one driver pointed out, it doesn't matter how much fuel costs, so long as the freight rate covers it.